From the latin ad libitum, AdLib means “as much as
you want”.

A promise that our restaurant is proud to transmit, also a play on words with our location, Avenida da Liberdade.
Sofisticated and intimist atmosphere with an excellency in service, the restaurant AdLib, carries all those senses by offering an alliance between french gastronomy and portuguese flavors.

The Rituals

Combining the flavors of the french cuisine and the richness in traditional portuguese gastronomy, privileging each region with their best products, we carefully make a selection to please our customers.

It is in that spirit that our Restaurant Adlib represents a philosophy on those rituals .

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  • Adlib

    Av. da Liberdade 127, 1269-038 Lisbon

  • AdLib

    Av. da Liberdade 127, 1269-038 Lisbon